.Desert Spur + KyAnite Claw:.
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.Desert Spur + KyAnite Claw:.

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Vintage Metal Components & Brass Chain, , Kyanite + Tourmilated Quartz

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Green Kyanite promotes tranquility, communication, and connectivity to spirit guides .:. helps to heal infections & is a natural pain reliever, , , aids in .:dreaming, self-healing, channeling, energy alignment, & heart chakra balance:. Mother’s Green Kyanite transmits + amplifies high frequency energies & helps our etheric bodies focus energy & intention on our highest good;;,

Tourmilated Quartz has the powerful ability to clear our .::Auric:::. fired of negativity, , they have a beautiful psychic protection energy & a strong spiritual grounding capacity / / When worn, , it aids your light body as it works through the higher chakras, , developing your .psychic. gifts ;;;